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It is important to note that most of the knowledge contained here on this website, as is the case with almost all human knowledge, was originally acquired from various sources, including books, video tutorials, lectures, etc. too many to name and was acquired by very keen observation and thorough learning through said media. It has been passed on to us and over the years, we've studied, learnt, acquired and improved this knowledge and now we're passing it on to you the reader unselfishly and free of any charge, In hopes that you do some good with it.


I'd like to personally credit and send a shout out to everyone even remotely involved in positively creating these languages and platforms, from the very first developers, founders and pioneers, to the communities that strive to improve them daily.

Last Words:

I have and will always believe in the freedom and dispersion of knowledge. Always, even when I'm gone from this earth.

From the words of Emerson, Ralph Waldo, "There is no knowledge that is not power".

Feel free to share the knowledge that you have acquired from this website and whatever you have deemed useful and encourage the one's you've taught or are going to teach to do the same.

Good luck in your endeavours!


Edit: The data in the tutorials on this site is accumulated from various sources both online and offline and is updated on a regular basis to provide the most factual and useful text.

As of now the Senior Editor, Writers, and publishers of this site are currently busy studying and venturing in other real-world businesses and matters.

The content is in a very raw format as is the blog, and thus not yet properly structured, edited, published or presented in the best and most optimum way that it can be. I must admit I was a bit hesitant to publish the blog in this raw and and not-so-edited format, but this knowledge is just too useful to be kept inside our heads or written and remain unpublished and stay there in that state for months,  just so it can be improved to reach perfection and meet our standards; to hell with perfection we said, we through caution to the wind and decided to go ahead with it and publish everything we have learnt and know as is, making small edits as we write new articles and accumulate more data. Besides it wouldn't matter that much, what state or how accurate (in terms of being updated) our articles would be, since the languages and technological platforms we use are always changing, so it really isn't that much of a big deal, you can at the very least acquire the basic knowledge from us and you can always use or build on that.

Learning how to code is really vital, just as learning any literary language is. Consider this, for a second imagine you couldn't read or write English, all this text you are reading and comprehending right now would be just gibberish to you, but thankfully you can decode it and understand it just because you are literate, you can understand, use and manipulate and do creative things with the English language; our goal is to get you to that same level of computer and coding literacy and hopefully past that. I said it before and I'll say it again all knowledge is important, of course depending on how you use it, so I hope we have provided you with atleast a basis, a start. Something to build on or maybe to add to what you already know. 

I know the articles on the website are not arranged in the best manner that they could be, but you try to do your best with the tools you've been given, and the blogger platform will have to do for now. Hopefully, we will continue to teach, guide and mentor you in the future with a better platform in a more structured way. But as of now this raw accumulated data and knowledge pool of articles and tutorials will have to do.

And another thing to remember is that, you should never let what you can't do affect what you can do. If you find a particular topic difficult to grasp, mark it or write it down somewhere as a memo, and continue learning the topics that you can grasp. You can comeback and re-visit the stubborn topic later on, until you master it. And don't let me hear you say that you can't do it. Anyone can do it. Anyone can code. Anyone! And who knows what marvellous things you can accomplish with the skills that you will acquire. Don't give up just yet just because a particular topic is difficult to understand. Keep studying and learning.

Good Luck!

As you study and practice coding, remember one thing; If you fail the first time, just try again.