Friday, 3 August 2012

Html lesson #2 - Font Styles

In this lesson we will be learning about:
Changing text color and size.
UnderliningBold and Italics.

Changing text color and size

For colorful text we need to use the <font> tag. You must type the words that you want the color to be applied to between the tags like this:
Now we must give the <font> tag the color property:
<font color="red">Hello</font>
You now see a red Hello in your web browser. You can also use hex value colors:
<font color="#FF0000">Hello</font>
The first 2 digits are for red, the next 2 are for green and the next 2 are for blue. I use this picture to remember it in my head:
If we want different size text then we still use the <font> tag but we use the size property. Example:
<font size="5">Hello</font>
SIZE has a range of 1-7. 1 being small and 7 being large. Let's see if you can do this:

Underlining, Bold and Italics

The <u> tags will underline the text between them:
The <b> tags will make the text between them bold:
The <i> tags will make text between italic: